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The people in the pictures on this site are not professional models. They're just people, like you. Open-minded, with a sense of fun and sensuality, they wanted to be part of a unique adventure. I've never looked for, or wanted to work with, 'models'. No pretty-pretty people. Just people with an attitude, even if that attitude is nervousness.

If you're interested in appearing in some of these pictures, interested in having a picture made about you, or you've been asked if you want to be in one of these pictures... You need to contact me.


2015; I'm currently looking for couples or groups rather than single people. But that's not to say that i will turn you away. Current waiting times for single people are up to 1 year for sittings, and at least another 3-6 months before drawings or paintings can be started.

Sorry, I do not do commissions. However, if you would like to work with me, first refusal on all pieces for sale will go to you, at a reduced price.